Summer DIY and Daily Painting

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I use any vacation time as an opportunity to get some DIY completed. Honestly it doesn’t feel like a vacation unless I have something planned to do around the house. Plus, I guess, it comes down to personality. I don’t do “sitting and doing nothing” very well and I usually like to have something to be working one.

So in that them I thought I would share this weeks paintings and a bit of the DIY that has been going on around the house. 

Paintings first!


I’ve been working from the same set of flowers for a while now so I think it’s time to get some new ones to shake things up a bit. I have one more painting from this series that I started this morning and then I will buy some new flowers. I have been recording my lessons for an online class that I am working on and I am going to be recording a painting from start to finish so think that getting new flowers is perfect timing!

Speaking of recording I was invited this week to try out a new app called Vibbidi. It’s pretty cool and it allows you to make 15 second videos using a multitude of clips, add music and play with filters to change the over all look. I’m not used to making videos at all! But, I am playing with it all the same and figuring out the possibilities.

This one I figured out how to add music…the biggest trick was getting the music on my iPad!

  My DIY has been all over the place this month. I am painting the outside of my house and I only have a couple of weeks before I have to go back to work so I have to knuckle down and get it done. I love it though. It’s going to be so cheery in the middle of winter.
I also painted the front and side door a darker turquoise and decided while I was at it to paint the gate at the side of the house the same colour.

I have to get another can of the turquoise colour to finish the gate. The house also has shutters that were dark green and I am painting them white. I have to finish those and get them back on the house.

The siding was so faded that the house numbers (which were ugly) from the previous owners were imprinted onto the siding. The siding was probably a brown/tan colour but had faded to a weird purple/brown colour. I didn’t want to pay to replace the siding so opted for painting. Even though it is a LOT of work. I’ll get it done before the end of the summer.

So the other day I decided that I wanted to make a new number plaque for the house. I took an old fence board, sanded it, stained it and sanded it again. I found some number shapes that I liked and painted them with chalk paint and distressed them. I then attached them and polyurethaned everything to hold up to the weather extremes we get here. I just have to get it up on the house!

I’ve also been working on the stairwell. Previously we had added wood panelling to the wall on one side and I wall papered the other side. I was going to just paint the stairs but they are in rough shape so I decided to do a carpet runner. Only problem was that the runners I liked were stupid expensive. So I found an inexpensive runner and dressed it up with nail heads. Here it is in progress.

I have to finish the nail head detail and touch up some of the painting. We have to add a baseboard detail on the wallpaper side and then the stair well is done!

The things I’d like to get done are inspired by these ideas.


I’d like to do a reclaimed wood wall in the kitchen but I’d like it to be horizontal. I am also going to have it white washed since my cupboards are green and I have a darker penny counter. 

On the same wall I want to create a bypass barn door. I have two pantries side by side so I have to do doors that will side past each other. I found a good system that is way less expensive than a barn door system so I have to order that. Here is what it might look like.

   Finally we are making a new kitchen table. However most of the patterns that found were WAY too big for the space we have. So I found a pattern that we altered to fit our needs.


The main difference is that I want mine to have a white distressed base and a stained top. The base is made and I have to get to painting and distressing. Next week I will be able to show you the completed table.

WOW! You don’t really realize how much you are doing until you try to write about it! Well off to do more stuff and tick some boxes off the to-do list.


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