Painting Give Away (Closed!)


Closed! Rhea Richmond is the WINNER!

Since spring is right around the corner…for some of the world at least! I thought it would be nice to give away a painting that is very much reminiscent of spring.

So this is the painting I am giving away. It is 7.5 x 11 inches and painted with acrylics on paper.

Spring Painting Give Away

The best thing about this giveaway?


You read that right! No shipping costs to anywhere! All you have to do is comment about your favourite thing about this time of year! That’s it!

Good luck and I will draw the winner on March 10 at 9am PST.



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33 thoughts on “Painting Give Away (Closed!)”

  1. My favorite part about spring is lovely beach walks… Sitting on our terras looking at the sunset… Pretty flowers popping up….

    Oh…. And your painting is just gorgeous ❤❤❤

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. It’s hard to pick one favorite thing about Spring. I love the birdsong, the flowers that pop up, the increase in warmth! :)

  3. Love that Spring is almost here for all the flowers we will be enjoying.. And warmer weather on the way.

  4. Love this piece, just gorgeous! My favorite thing about spring is watching the earth come alive and laughing in all the colorful blooms!

  5. My favorite thing is all of the colors springing up everywhere – flowers, trees, grass. And of course the sunshine!

  6. With the arrival of Spring we can all finally emerge from the hibernation the winter weather forces. It’s a time of new beginnings reminding us that even unpleasant situations can have beautiful outcomes. So here’s to muddy boots, cloudy gray days, spring cleaning, and spring showers!

  7. I love spring in Nepal as all of the butterflies come back then in a few months there will hundreds of dragonflies. It is magical!

  8. Anticipation.
    At this time of year, I’m longing for the warmer weather, the feel of the sun on my skin again (in moderation), and the bulbs are just beginning to burst from the ground.
    It’s an all around time of excited anticipation for me.
    Beautiful Painting!
    Good Luck everyone.

  9. I love this painting…the colors are so vibrant. It reminds us that spring is on the way. Thank you for sharing your art.

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