Painting and Art Quilts

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I finished my 100 days of painting challenge and decided to continue painting for as long as I was being productive. The one hundred painting have all been completed on 6×6 prices of watercolour paper and I am working on how I am going to finish them. At this point I am thinking that I am going to mount them on 6×6 pieces of wood and will have a hidden hanger that I will drill into the back.

Day 99


Day 100

Day 101

For the next part of the series I decided to paint on a different surface. We made 7 inch square wooden panels that have an outside wooden stand edge. They will sit 1.5 inches off the wall.   

Day 102

I actually remembered to photograph it so that you could see the side of the painting.

Day 103

This painting was based off of a chalk pastel drawing that I did earlier in the year.

 Haha! I didn’t crop this one. Alł of my photos are taken at the kitchen sink because it has the best lighting!

Day 104

Day 105

I have also been doing lots of work outside on my house. I haveainted my house yellow and decided on a whim to paint the gate to my backyard turquoise. So then I have shutters that are going to be white and a deck that needs to be white.

I have also been working in the evenings on my art quilts. My fingers were taking a beating until I pulled out some pliers! Full steam ahead!

So this coming week I will be working on some filming, continuing to paint, get some of the paintings up on Etsy for sale, work on house painting and finish this art quilt and start the next ones that I have on mind.

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