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Creative explorations in paint, pencil and charcoal.

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Daily Painting

Everyday I create a small painting. The intent is to practice loose, intuitive painting that is reflective of an abstracted realism.

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Charcoal Drawings

I enjoy drawing very realistic charcoal drawings as a way of pushing my abilities to represent realistic imagery

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Day 62 Succulents 

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“Succulents”  6×6

I thought it would be fun to share my reference photo for this one today. I started with this photograph.

And then I played with the image on my iPad.

I am intrigued by the transformation of images using different apps in my iPad and should have some fun playing around with that!

Have a great day!

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Artistic Developments

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i realized that while I have been posting my paintings everyday that I have not talked at all about all of the exciting art things that have been manifesting in my life recently. Time to share.

I made the choice to participate in an “Art Walk” that is happening in my community in June and July. Essentially artists and businesses are going to be teamed together and the businesses will display the artists work in the stores. It was a great opportunity to gain more local exposure and allow people the chance to see my art. 

I decided to focus on charcoal drawings and offer up the potential for creating commissioned artwork. So the work I have created for this features people, animals and landscape.


Mr.Owl is still in progress and I need to spend a bit more time and attention on his chest feathers! 

So after I decided to do that I was asked to donate Art to the local Cultural Centre for their upcoming arts festival. I decided that since my main interest in creating the charcoal portraits is to start doing commissioned artwork that I would offer a custom made artwork.

So I am going to create a charcoal drawing that features what I do in charcoal and the size that the commission would be (11×14) I am leaning towards using this image as my reference picture. (I found this image on a copyright free site called MorgueFile)


I am also going to be teaching during the summer this year at the Cultural Centre. It will be a drawing for beginners course that will run for 6 weeks and will cover all the basics of pencil drawing.

There is one other BIG THING that is starting to be developed right now but I will devote a whole post to that exciting news later this weekend!

Have a great day!

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