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A little more time spent on the mural today. I am so close to getting it done that I just have to hope for a few more warmer days (its getting chilly here and the nights are already starting to get chilly!

So I focused on the tree and the grasses today. Probably only put in about an hour or so.

I still have to do a bit on the grasses and trees and I am thinking that I am going to tweak some of the colouring a bit. Maybe in the yellow hill behind the tree or in the lake itself. Not certain yet though.

Just as I was finishing we had a flock of little birds decide to use the pond as a bath. By the time i got the camera most has left but I did capture these little cuties!

And last but not least here are some shots of the new fence that went in earlier this week. Mom and the neighbour worked at putting in the posts and then he installed the fence panels and lattice. It is a unique design that goes cedar fence panel then 4 X 8 lattice then fence panel. It was Mom’s idea so that both of us can do something with plants in the spring. As you can see Mom  already planted some nice grasses ,  a rose and Virginia Creeper.

Looking out towards the street.

Looking in towards the yard.

The last thing to do is build a gate to keep the darn neighbourhood cats out of the yard. They have all figured out that there is a fish pond back there and when Lucy is going NUTS barking we know it is time to shoo some cats out of the yard!

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