Lazy Summer Days of Art & a contest!

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I am very lucky.

I get to create something every day. There are so many people that would be jealous of being able to do that. So, really, I do understand how lucky I am to be able to make being an active artist a priority in my life. I think one of the most important decisions I made this year was that I was going to paint every day. I was dissatisfied with my paintings and felt that they could be…more. And they had to be different from my drawings. 

When working with charcoal, pastels or pencil my drawings are very realistic. I enjoy the process of capturing accurate light, shadows and texture in a drawing medium. However, I do not want to paint that way! I want my paintings to capture form, colour and texture in a more intuitive and playful manner. The imagery that I am drawn to for painting allows for interpretation in the form and I can be inspired by realism but I am not tied to it when painting…a sort of abstracted realism. 

This week I bought a bouquet of flowers that featured purple and green flowers with some interesting spiky, filler leaves…I probably should learn the names of the flowers! I realized that week that I didn’t enjoy painting lilies as much as I thought because of their very structured form. I do think drawings of lilies in charcoal would be really interesting to do but as a painting…not my favourite!


I think I am going to be able to manage one more painting from the bouquet before I need to get something new. I also finished the pastel commision.

   This one was challenging because the source image was a very dark silhouette and so I had to lighten it in Photoshop in order to see anything within the faces. I am very happy with how it turned out.
I decided to run I contest starting this week! I will start advertising it next week on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and, of course, on the website. In honour of my upcoming birthday I will be giving away one of the paintings that I did during my 100 days of painting challenge! I will have more details later in the week but basically all you have to do is comment on one of the paintings that you would like to win from 1-100. Then there will be a post on Face book that you will comment and share that you have chosen the painting you would like to win…that’s it!

The winner will be randomly chosen on September 14…my birthday obviously 😀 and then I will mail the winner the painting that they have chosen. The contest is open to everyone and I will mail it anywhere in the world! So comment and share away…you can even comment on more than one painting but it has to be one of the paintings listed between 1-100 only!

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