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I took a full week off from painting everyday but it doesn’t mean that  I wasn’t working on something creative! With the new school year starting my original plan (haha…plans!) was to not make any major changes to what I teach this semester since it is basically the same schedule that I ended with in June.

And then I had a brainstorm…darn it! I then spent two straight days creating a brand new activity for my classes. So two days and three different 100 page documents later (not finished though) I think I have enough to get started. 

I decided that I wanted to start every class with a different artist. I wanted the artists to be contemporary and interesting. So the week will start with an artist, the next day an artist working in a similar theme but different medium. Next a female artist and then a Canadian artist and lastly a funny take on the theme or a parody.
The problem creating this was that I needed three completely different lists. On sculpture based, one for a grade 11 classes and one for a grade 12 class. Finding the artists was fairly easy. I found this fabulous website called MyModernMet and I just used those artists as my inspiration artists. Then I had to find the other four artists for that week based on the theme of my inspiration artist.

These were a couple of my favourites. 

Edoardo Tresoldi (link in the pictures) 

Matt Molloy (Canadian Artist!)

Marisa Redondo

Ed Fairburn

And those are just four of the 50+ I found as inspiration artists

Then I decided to find videos…oy.

So I did manage to get three weeks done per class but I will have to devote time each week staying on top of it but it should be really interesting. Now if I was really ambitious I would tie each weeks artists to the work that the students are creating…probably a good idea if I give up on the idea of sleep and quit doing anything for myself!

Tomorrow is back to work and back to teaching which also means back to my daily ritual of being up at 5am to paint before getting ready for the day. I’m actually really excited about getting back to it…should I clarify? The teaching or the painting? Both actually but, being honest I didn’t paint for a week and I’m itchy to get back to it. I haven’t taught for two months and I wouldn’t mind some more time off! Don’t get me wrong I really do enjoy my job but it is exhausting.

So I went on my favourite website ( for looking for reference imagery and found a bunch that I loved and will print off this evening for using tomorrow. Here are a couple.


I ran a couple of them through an editing program to reduce the details a bit. Plus it’s just fun to experiment.


Exciting new things for this week! Don’t forget to enter the contest for a free piece of artwork. The link is on the side of the page! The draw will be on the 14th so don’t miss out!

Lastly make sure to comment on this post to win one of two free places in the online Art group I am part of called “Art of Gratitude” there are 9 different artists, each with a different project focused on gratitude and will run for 9 weeks. It’s going to be amazing!

The picture below is a link to the course outline and sign up. Join us!



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