Fort St. John Art Walk

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After working for several weeks on some new paintings it was great to hang them in a local cafe for the annual Fort St. John Art Walk. Until the middle of July these four pieces are going to be hanging in the Whole Wheat and Honey Cafe.

I have continued to paint over the last several weeks and  bounced back and forth between a couple different ideas.

These six pieces are what I am working on for my class with Nicholas Wilton. They are still evolving and so the next time I show you them they are probably going to be entirely different.

For example this is what these paintings looked like last week.

So next week…who knows!

The representational work that I finished followed the same principles of contrast, value and differences.

I made some pretty significant changes to the overall composition and really tried to balance the values and make sure that each area was emphasizing the differences.

This is how the painting looked previously.

So this coming week I am planning on working on the series of 6 and perhaps playing on a couple of extra panels.

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