Flower Paintings Finished!

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I’ve fallen back in with painting flowers again. I think it’s because winter has been so long and the prospect of spring in the North is tentative. Especially since it’s been snowing for three days now. Although next week is suppose to be +12 so here’s hoping!

This painting was on the easel for a couple of weeks like this.

I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do. Then one morning I had a dream about a red striped vase. I got up at 5am (right after I woke up from the dream) and finished this painting. Love it when it comes together like that!

My next painting was actually painted over another that I decided I didn’t like. So I painted it black and started over again. A lot of the texture in this one is the under painting.

What I really like about this one is the realistic elements combined with the simplified graphic elements. Again I was struggling with this one and the background went through a couple of transitions until I settled on this.  I’m quite please with how it turned out.

Tomorrow, Saturday March 26 the Facebook group I belong to is having an auction here on the Gallery Nouveau Page. There are over two hundred artists that offer original and print work throughout the month on Saturdays. I will be showing on the last weekend of the month.

This weekend I am offering prints of the two paintings above and a third print of a mermaid that I drew last year.

In addition I an offering the two original paintings for sale of the flower paintings above. You have to join the Facebook group to bid but there is always an great selection of artwork available! From prints to originals and a wide variety of subjects. 

Every weekend there is a different group of artists selling their work and it’s worth joining up to take a look!

Have a great day!

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