Daily Painting Extravaganza-corrected

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The app that I was using had duplicated one of the pictures and I did not catch it…sad face…Thanks Jen for pointing it out. It gave me an opportunity to fix the letter too! So I had not miscounted anything and still have 10 days to go but that is a good thing because it gives me time to get myself organized for the next series.

I thought I should start organizing my daily paintings so that I could write about it and thought that I was on Day 90. So very wrong. Somehow I must have messed up on my labelling and as I was creating these graphics realized that today I actually painted my 99th painting!

Well then. Yesterday I spent a significant amount of time making wooden frames that I was going to use to frame all these painting. However they didn’t work out like I thought. Disappointing but I “Plan B’d” it and continued working on the frames with the thought that I could use the frames as a painting surface and rethink my plans for framing the “100”

I have to fix a couple of the graphics. The looked fine when I saved it and they were wonky when I opened the files. Oh well you will see the progression of my painting from 1 to 99.

Soon I will be putting these, ready to hang, on Etsy for sale. I bit of work ahead of me but they should look fabulous.


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