Daily Art and a commission!

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I really enjoy the daily painting exercise. From deciding at the last minute what I am going to paint to prepping the support and working through the process it is turning into a very meditative process. I don’t listen to music or have the tv on. I stand there, most days in my pyjamas and explore lines and shape and colour without overthinking it. In fact I think the days that I “plan” something are the days that I struggle the most. Those are the days when I fight to try and make the paint do what I want rather than collaborating with the paint. My favourite paintings have been more of a collaboration and I’ve been able to get into a good “art mode” and the entire process has been pretty quick and seamless. 

Here are this weeks paintings.

Day 106

Day 107    


Day 109


Day 110 

Day 111 

Day 112 – I decided to change sizes ans worked on a 9×12 canvas.

Day 113 -then for this one I thought “Paint bigger! You’re on vacation, you have time!” So this on is 16×20

   As I have been working on the everyday I have been doing a couple of other things. I was going to start filming for a online course that I was going to help create…and then it was cancelled…then it was back on with a few different woman. So I had time to take on some commission work and then I had a lot back on my plate again. Oh well I’m having fun creating the commission work and I get to figure out how to film and that will be a good thing!

So the commission work is a 22×30 pan pastel drawing. The original picture is a sunset proposal but I am going to “artsy” it up and keep the faces looking realistic. So the original picture is this one 

And I have started this composition on paper to get the sketch right. 

And I started on the sky and mountains.

Loving it so far and thank goodness I have two weeks to work on this because this is about 3 hours of work so far. Next up is the water!

I post updates of my current work on Facebook and Instagram so follow me if you would like to see updates and progress!

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