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As we Pause for a Break…

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I needed a bit of a break this week. There was a lot on my plate and I had to let a few things slide to maintain any sort of sanity! 

However I do believe that it is better to take a calculated break in order to prevent burnout. I have been painting consistently, everyday for 5 months and taking on more and more projects. I filmed and edited 8 videos for an online class that I am going to be teaching. Each of those videos usually taking about 6-8 hours to edit and upload. I worked on multipl house projects and started planning what my classes are going to be doing in the fall.

So, break time had to happen. 

I didn’t worry about painting every day this week but I did get something completed in the art realm any way! Actually I learned one of my clues that I need a break. It comes in the form of indecision. Usually I am pretty divisive when painting. I don’t think about the process I just do. However as I started to get overwhelmed in the last couple of weeks I found the paintings were more of a struggle. I find this interesting.



This final painting came together after I took a bit of that creative break. Previously it looked like this. And while not bad it wasn’t coming together.

 So while I took a break from making art I worked on other projects. We made a new kitchen table and I painted the base and stained the top.


   I went and got a tattoo which has healed quite nicely although I am startled by it often!
  So there is my last two weeks in a nutshell. So don’t forget to visit this post here to enter for a chance to win one of my daily paintings. I will be doing the draw in two weeks so if you haven’t commented on the painting you like get on over and do it now!

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Summer DIY and Daily Painting

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I use any vacation time as an opportunity to get some DIY completed. Honestly it doesn’t feel like a vacation unless I have something planned to do around the house. Plus, I guess, it comes down to personality. I don’t do “sitting and doing nothing” very well and I usually like to have something to be working one.

So in that them I thought I would share this weeks paintings and a bit of the DIY that has been going on around the house. 

Paintings first!


I’ve been working from the same set of flowers for a while now so I think it’s time to get some new ones to shake things up a bit. I have one more painting from this series that I started this morning and then I will buy some new flowers. I have been recording my lessons for an online class that I am working on and I am going to be recording a painting from start to finish so think that getting new flowers is perfect timing!

Speaking of recording I was invited this week to try out a new app called Vibbidi. It’s pretty cool and it allows you to make 15 second videos using a multitude of clips, add music and play with filters to change the over all look. I’m not used to making videos at all! But, I am playing with it all the same and figuring out the possibilities.

This one I figured out how to add music…the biggest trick was getting the music on my iPad!

  My DIY has been all over the place this month. I am painting the outside of my house and I only have a couple of weeks before I have to go back to work so I have to knuckle down and get it done. I love it though. It’s going to be so cheery in the middle of winter.
I also painted the front and side door a darker turquoise and decided while I was at it to paint the gate at the side of the house the same colour.

I have to get another can of the turquoise colour to finish the gate. The house also has shutters that were dark green and I am painting them white. I have to finish those and get them back on the house.

The siding was so faded that the house numbers (which were ugly) from the previous owners were imprinted onto the siding. The siding was probably a brown/tan colour but had faded to a weird purple/brown colour. I didn’t want to pay to replace the siding so opted for painting. Even though it is a LOT of work. I’ll get it done before the end of the summer.

So the other day I decided that I wanted to make a new number plaque for the house. I took an old fence board, sanded it, stained it and sanded it again. I found some number shapes that I liked and painted them with chalk paint and distressed them. I then attached them and polyurethaned everything to hold up to the weather extremes we get here. I just have to get it up on the house!

I’ve also been working on the stairwell. Previously we had added wood panelling to the wall on one side and I wall papered the other side. I was going to just paint the stairs but they are in rough shape so I decided to do a carpet runner. Only problem was that the runners I liked were stupid expensive. So I found an inexpensive runner and dressed it up with nail heads. Here it is in progress.

I have to finish the nail head detail and touch up some of the painting. We have to add a baseboard detail on the wallpaper side and then the stair well is done!

The things I’d like to get done are inspired by these ideas.


I’d like to do a reclaimed wood wall in the kitchen but I’d like it to be horizontal. I am also going to have it white washed since my cupboards are green and I have a darker penny counter. 

On the same wall I want to create a bypass barn door. I have two pantries side by side so I have to do doors that will side past each other. I found a good system that is way less expensive than a barn door system so I have to order that. Here is what it might look like.

   Finally we are making a new kitchen table. However most of the patterns that found were WAY too big for the space we have. So I found a pattern that we altered to fit our needs.


The main difference is that I want mine to have a white distressed base and a stained top. The base is made and I have to get to painting and distressing. Next week I will be able to show you the completed table.

WOW! You don’t really realize how much you are doing until you try to write about it! Well off to do more stuff and tick some boxes off the to-do list.


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Win one of my Paintings!


Contest time ladies and gentlemen!

IMG_0837.PNGI am giving away one of my paintings that I created in my 100 days of painting challenge. Why? Well… because my birthday is coming up and I thought that it would be nice to honour that by giving something away.

So you have to do the following things.

  1. Follow this link here to see all the posts that feature my 100 paintings that I created in 100 days.
  2. Leave a comment on the post that has the painting that you would like to have for your very own.
  3. Go to Facebook and leave a comment on this post letting me know you have entered

That’s it! Of course if you want to share this contest then go for it! The more the merrier!

I will do the draw on my birthday, September 14 and the lucky winner will have the painting they chose mailed to them!

Good luck!


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Lazy Summer Days of Art & a contest!

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I am very lucky.

I get to create something every day. There are so many people that would be jealous of being able to do that. So, really, I do understand how lucky I am to be able to make being an active artist a priority in my life. I think one of the most important decisions I made this year was that I was going to paint every day. I was dissatisfied with my paintings and felt that they could be…more. And they had to be different from my drawings. 

When working with charcoal, pastels or pencil my drawings are very realistic. I enjoy the process of capturing accurate light, shadows and texture in a drawing medium. However, I do not want to paint that way! I want my paintings to capture form, colour and texture in a more intuitive and playful manner. The imagery that I am drawn to for painting allows for interpretation in the form and I can be inspired by realism but I am not tied to it when painting…a sort of abstracted realism. 

This week I bought a bouquet of flowers that featured purple and green flowers with some interesting spiky, filler leaves…I probably should learn the names of the flowers! I realized that week that I didn’t enjoy painting lilies as much as I thought because of their very structured form. I do think drawings of lilies in charcoal would be really interesting to do but as a painting…not my favourite!


I think I am going to be able to manage one more painting from the bouquet before I need to get something new. I also finished the pastel commision.

   This one was challenging because the source image was a very dark silhouette and so I had to lighten it in Photoshop in order to see anything within the faces. I am very happy with how it turned out.
I decided to run I contest starting this week! I will start advertising it next week on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and, of course, on the website. In honour of my upcoming birthday I will be giving away one of the paintings that I did during my 100 days of painting challenge! I will have more details later in the week but basically all you have to do is comment on one of the paintings that you would like to win from 1-100. Then there will be a post on Face book that you will comment and share that you have chosen the painting you would like to win…that’s it!

The winner will be randomly chosen on September 14…my birthday obviously 😀 and then I will mail the winner the painting that they have chosen. The contest is open to everyone and I will mail it anywhere in the world! So comment and share away…you can even comment on more than one painting but it has to be one of the paintings listed between 1-100 only!

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Daily Art and Happy News!

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Well you push the wrong button and there are no backsies! Sorry if you got the blank teaser post with nothing in it I got a little carried away with getting this post ready.

I switched things up this week and decided to start working on larger paintings and not worry about completing a painting a day but, rather, practice painting on a larger scale. Don’t get me wrong I really do like doing the little ones but since I am on school vacation I should be sinking my teeth into a bit more challenging painting. When I am painting little I find that I have fewer options and therefore they are faster and less complicated. When working larger there are more steps and the working process has to be different.

I have tried to become mindful of “tricks”. The things that you fall back on because they worked in one painting and so you try them again. The problem is that falling back into worn tracks leads you to the same outcome BUT it is never as fresh as the first time. You expect to experience that same “YES” moment and it doesn’t feel quite right. Sucks.

I don’t want to be an artist that does the same thing over and over again because it was “successful” or because other people liked it. I want to be an artist that challenges herself daily and seeks that “Holy Crap I Like That” moment when the convergence of paint, line, colour and composition come together and one moment of perfection. 

So onto this weeks paintings!

Day 112  

Day 113 

Day 114 


Day 115 


Day 116 a work in progress day!

Day 117


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Daily Art and a commission!

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I really enjoy the daily painting exercise. From deciding at the last minute what I am going to paint to prepping the support and working through the process it is turning into a very meditative process. I don’t listen to music or have the tv on. I stand there, most days in my pyjamas and explore lines and shape and colour without overthinking it. In fact I think the days that I “plan” something are the days that I struggle the most. Those are the days when I fight to try and make the paint do what I want rather than collaborating with the paint. My favourite paintings have been more of a collaboration and I’ve been able to get into a good “art mode” and the entire process has been pretty quick and seamless. 

Here are this weeks paintings.

Day 106

Day 107    


Day 109


Day 110 

Day 111 

Day 112 – I decided to change sizes ans worked on a 9×12 canvas.

Day 113 -then for this one I thought “Paint bigger! You’re on vacation, you have time!” So this on is 16×20

   As I have been working on the everyday I have been doing a couple of other things. I was going to start filming for a online course that I was going to help create…and then it was cancelled…then it was back on with a few different woman. So I had time to take on some commission work and then I had a lot back on my plate again. Oh well I’m having fun creating the commission work and I get to figure out how to film and that will be a good thing!

So the commission work is a 22×30 pan pastel drawing. The original picture is a sunset proposal but I am going to “artsy” it up and keep the faces looking realistic. So the original picture is this one 

And I have started this composition on paper to get the sketch right. 

And I started on the sky and mountains.

Loving it so far and thank goodness I have two weeks to work on this because this is about 3 hours of work so far. Next up is the water!

I post updates of my current work on Facebook and Instagram so follow me if you would like to see updates and progress!

Painting and Art Quilts

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I finished my 100 days of painting challenge and decided to continue painting for as long as I was being productive. The one hundred painting have all been completed on 6×6 prices of watercolour paper and I am working on how I am going to finish them. At this point I am thinking that I am going to mount them on 6×6 pieces of wood and will have a hidden hanger that I will drill into the back.

Day 99


Day 100

Day 101

For the next part of the series I decided to paint on a different surface. We made 7 inch square wooden panels that have an outside wooden stand edge. They will sit 1.5 inches off the wall.   

Day 102

I actually remembered to photograph it so that you could see the side of the painting.

Day 103

This painting was based off of a chalk pastel drawing that I did earlier in the year.

 Haha! I didn’t crop this one. Alł of my photos are taken at the kitchen sink because it has the best lighting!

Day 104

Day 105

I have also been doing lots of work outside on my house. I haveainted my house yellow and decided on a whim to paint the gate to my backyard turquoise. So then I have shutters that are going to be white and a deck that needs to be white.

I have also been working in the evenings on my art quilts. My fingers were taking a beating until I pulled out some pliers! Full steam ahead!

So this coming week I will be working on some filming, continuing to paint, get some of the paintings up on Etsy for sale, work on house painting and finish this art quilt and start the next ones that I have on mind.

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Connect with your Creativity!

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I am so close to finishing my 100 Days of Painting project and I have learned so much through this process. As I was painting it became more clear to me that I could share some of what I learned with other people that are struggling to be creative.  With that in mind I am developing a 7 day creativity kickstarted that will help you start and maintain momentum in being creative. Honestly it’s not just for painting or drawing. Being creative could be cooking, woodworking, gardening, decorating, writing! Really it comes down to what do you want to do with your hands and heart…what is calling you and what would you like to try to do if you could do anything?

I am working on the videos and PDF’s this week and will hopefully have something organized and ready to launch next week. 

I have also been getting so close to the end of my 100 days challenge…and planning my next one! Silly me but I really am just brimming with ideas and plans.

Day 85 – I really love this one and think that I will be painting from life more often.

Day 86

Day 87

Day 88

Day 89

Day 90  

Day 91

Day 92

Day 93

Day 94

Day 95

Day 96

Day 97

Day 98

And since I didn’t already have enough to do I started a new art quilt series that incorporated my mixed media girls and quilting. This is the first one in a series that I am planning to work on in the evening.


So next week I will be completing my first series of 100 paintings and starting my next series…more details next week. I should also be officially launching the start of my “Connect with You Creativity” email series. And I will have managed several naps during that time!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Art Envy Wednesday- Richard Diebenkorn

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I first saw Richard Diebenkorn’s work in the mid 1990’s when I went on a college trip to San Francisco. Sadly I don’t really remember a lot from the trip (I don’t think I was even 20 at the time and I lost all the photos from the trip), BUT the visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art introduced my enduring love for the work of Richard Diebenkorn.

Richard Diebenkorn, Cityscape I,(Landscape No. 1), 1963

There was something about the work that sang to me and although I couldn’t articulate it at the time I was very drawn to his work. Interestingly enough I never sought to emulate his work though. Something in me has always hesitated in not expressing my own style and although it is always evolving, I have never wanted my art to be overtly influenced by another artist. I am perfectly happy with it showing up but I don’t want to start a painting thinking “how would so-and-so do this?”

The work that I remember the most from the exhibition was from his “Ocean Park” series. This work was directly influenced by Matisse’s paintings that were  created in 1914. 


Matisse, View of Notre-Dame (1914). 

 Matisse, French Window at Collioure, 1914


Richard Diebenkorn Ocean Park #79, 1975 Oil on canvas 93 x 81 in.

Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park No. 54, 1972

This series of painting produced over 100 paintings that took there subject matter from ariel landscapes and, perhaps, even views from his own studio and is named after the area where he lived and created his work in San Francisco.

I am currently loving the paintings based on everyday scenes such as these.


 Richard Diebenkorn, Interior with Book, 1959
 Richard Diebenkorn, Bottles, 1960

  Richard Diebenkorn, Corner of Studio Sink, 1963
Richard Diebenkorn, Knife and Glass, 1963

I am drawn to the quality of brush strokes and how he handled both the paint and the forms. I enjoy the elevation of the everyday and being influenced by your surroundings and expressing that through colour and form.

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Daily Painting Extravaganza-corrected

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The app that I was using had duplicated one of the pictures and I did not catch it…sad face…Thanks Jen for pointing it out. It gave me an opportunity to fix the letter too! So I had not miscounted anything and still have 10 days to go but that is a good thing because it gives me time to get myself organized for the next series.

I thought I should start organizing my daily paintings so that I could write about it and thought that I was on Day 90. So very wrong. Somehow I must have messed up on my labelling and as I was creating these graphics realized that today I actually painted my 99th painting!

Well then. Yesterday I spent a significant amount of time making wooden frames that I was going to use to frame all these painting. However they didn’t work out like I thought. Disappointing but I “Plan B’d” it and continued working on the frames with the thought that I could use the frames as a painting surface and rethink my plans for framing the “100”

I have to fix a couple of the graphics. The looked fine when I saved it and they were wonky when I opened the files. Oh well you will see the progression of my painting from 1 to 99.

Soon I will be putting these, ready to hang, on Etsy for sale. I bit of work ahead of me but they should look fabulous.


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