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Finally the universe aligned itself and allowed me the opportunity to do some work on the mural. I actually did some work on it last night when the universe forced me to go outside by having crappy movies on tv and a kobo that needed charging (when all I really wanted to do was read!)

So today I managed to paint for about 3.5 hours and I finished (for now) the sky and started on the mountains./ I say the sky is finished for now because I might need to change it once some of the other elements are finished but for now I am happy with how they look.

So here is an overall with the whole sky showing

A close up of the mountains I just started

And a close up of the mountains

and an EXTREME close up!

The thing about working on something this large is that you have to remember that for the most part it is going to be viewed from a distance. So you have to paint for that. If I spent 5 million years painting extreme detail on these trees when you get 20 or 30 feet away you can’t see any of that anyway so why bother.

SO I am done for today with painting. My shoulder is killing me from doing the sky so I am going to take a break and think about some pictures that I am going to take for an informal photo competition that I am part of. Just something a little fun for the summer. I will post my images later on today or tomorrow. I have to take a sunset picture and that doesn’t happen here until 9:54 and I am pathetically old and usually go to bed about 9:30 pm so I have to stretch myself to stay up later! Thank goodness it wasn’t a picture of the night sky or I’d have to stay up till midnight!! And the sunrise at 4:15 am was NOT happening.

Maybe a nap is in order?

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Mural Progress Day 5

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Started working on the clouds yesterday and got rained out. Sad but true. Worked on a section about 4 feet across and still have about 26 feet left to go.I decided to tone down the clouds a little and make them less stormy and more fluffy.

I am happy with how the clouds are turning out and they are even fun to paint because I get to use my fingers a lot. Hell on the nails but fun.

So in a couple of hours we are meeting the dog trainer again at a public walking trail and we hope to run into lots and lots of people walking their dogs because that is what Lucy freaks out the most about so I want plenty of opportunities to get it right. To help her be ready for it we have already taken her for an hour long walk and the training session will be another hour long so she will be good and tuckered out!

Wish us luck!


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Mural Progress Day 4

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So the key to avoiding the bugs is to work between 5 and 7pm so that they are hiding from the roasting sun…I forgot sun screen…

Anyway sky is base coated.

Here is some bonus cuteness. my brother recently sent a picture of his youngest

Here is picture of my brother…there is no question where she got her hair from!

 Look at both of their foreheads… They even have the same bone structure at the temples. And upper lips!  Craziness.

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Mural Progress #3

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I’ll tell you that there is a big difference working in the morning as apposed to working in the evening outside. Bugs…particularly mosquitos are bad in the evening. Ad I didn’t put on bug spray because I didn’t feel like having to have a shower. Oh well bug bites it is.

So this evening I painted the bottom bushes their base colour of light green and scumbled the same green over the dark brown mountain range. Next up is the sky. I’m kind of avoiding it because I am not looking forward to climbing up and down the ladder for 30 feet. honestly the sky will probably get finished first so that I can just get the whole ladder thing done. i can reach quite high (7 feet comfortably) but that last foot is a bit much.

There are a few weird shadows happening in todays picture. It was about 7:30pm when I took this photo and the shadows from the trees are causing a few colour abnormalities!

Tomorrow is the dreaded sky…actually it won’t be that bad but my arms are killing me! Curling my hair this morning was torture!


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Mural Progress #2

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So I went today and actually  BOUGHT a colour of blue for the water and sky. Cheapo me could not find it at the freebie paint recycling so Mom kindly bought me a nice colour of blue. Do you realize how difficult it is to find a good blue that has not had black added to it? You can’t use a blue or red that is a mixed colour that has had black added to it because when you go to tint the colour with white you get a grey version of what you want. Luckily I knew the guy that was mixing the paint to he indulged me with my running up “Ok try this one. Crap, Ok what about this one”

So tonight I tackled the water, tree and smaller trees. Don’t worry they are not going to stay that colour. Its just the basecoat. The real work hasn’t even started yet!

So tomorrow night is all about getting some work on the sky done. And maybe base coating the bushes on the bottom. Depends on how much I feel like doing.

Off to spend the rest of the evening reading my book. Have a good one!


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4 hours

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So last night I finished as much of the grid as I was willing to do. The whole wall is a little cockeyed so when i started getting towards the far right the top square was decidedly not square. The center part of the grid was fine so i made do with that.

There are no pictures of the grid because it is impossible to see pencil line on such a large surface. I started out by blocking in the shapes with a paintbrush. Technically I could have used a pencil but that means that I have no way of see what it looks like overall and I wasn’t feeling that fussy this morning.

Once I got about 3/4 of the way across I started messing up where the lines were suppose to be so I went and got colour and started blocking in the general shapes of the mountains. At this point it doesn’t even really matter what colours I use because it is only the first layer of colour anyway. The water has a decidedly green cast to it and I have to head to the paint recycle to see if I can find a decent darker blue.

So what you are seeing is about 4 hours of work and I only stopped because my arms were starting to hurt and it was lunch time.


So the blobby shapes are bushes and the pointy shapes are the tops of pine trees. My plan is to paint them in properly so i am not super concerned with the actual shape of them, just the placement.

So in order to progress I have to find a darker blue that can serve both for the sky and water. I hope to work a little on it every night after dinner so don’t expect to see postings until after 8pm or so and they will probably be update shots so I can keep track of daily progress.

Off to read a book and relax for the rest of the day…guilty secret…I am reading the Morganville Vampires series!

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I think it is interesting at the start of a new project to think about what is influencing the direction that the work is going to take. Every painting is different and sometimes for me the direction is obvious and sometimes I don’t see it until after the work is complete.

This mural of Okanagan Lake is taking on a definite Canadiana aspect to it. Images of the Okanagan and Canadian Artists are influencing my every turn. Today when I was showing a friend the rough draft of the mural she said “It’s very Group of Seven-ish”

I’m ok with that. So I started doing some research and remembering about what I liked about the Group of Seven. Here is a good website if you are interested in looking at more of their art. I’m just showing the ones that I am drawn to.

(Taken directly from Wikipedia)

The Group of Seven were a group of Canadian landscape painters in the 1920s, originally consisting of Franklin CarmichaelLawren HarrisA. Y. JacksonFranz JohnstonArthur LismerJ. E. H. MacDonald, and Frederick VarleyTom Thomson (who died in 1917) andEmily Carr were also closely associated with the Group of Seven, though neither were ever official members.

My favourite is Tom Thompson. He actually died before the forming of the Group of Seven but he did directly influence the group and inspire them to head out into the wild to paint.


So the goal for this weekend is to get the grid completed and draw out the rough image. I will probably take a paintbrush to the image at that point because I think that it is important to be able to see the overall image before starting. It will be impossible to see the image in just pencil on such a large scale so perhaps by Sunday I will be posting a rough outlined image.

Guess you will have to check back to see!


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New Mural Outline

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Here is the outline of my new mural. The plan this weekend is to prime the wall again and get it drawn out as much as possible. that might be a little ambitious considering the size is 8 feet by 30 feet but aim high i say!

More to come.

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Finally, finally finished…until of course I look at the mural the next day and find something else that I think could use some touching up. For now I am happy with the final results and am excited to get started on the other mural.

Once the dog run is cleaned up a little and looking a little less, well, like a dog run I will do a shot from the house so you can see the distance shot. I lucked out today because we have been under a flood warning and rainfall warning for the past couple of days but nothing really has materialized so I managed to spend quite a while on it. I would guess that it took me about 10 hours to do although I was not keeping track.

I think I deserve a nap now!

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Gate and Mural

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Well I got one out of two things that I wanted to get accomplished done today. I finished up the touch ups on the gate and took a picture of that. I finally found a decent before picture of the chain link gate. Lucy included of course!

Now it looks like this

Now Lucy can not go nuts when the cats decide to tease her and go “ha-ha you can’t get us!” and sit right in her view. Now the only place they do that is in the back yard. In the next month or so we are going to be taking out all the paving stones and building a wooden deck that will be easier to shovel in the winter.

So I was out and painting at 8am this morning. I managed to get all the base coats on so it looked like this.

. Next part I started on was the details. The bits that pull it all together and make it look finished.

So the original looks like this. Which I found here

And mine is starting to come together. Here is a bit of a peek. I decided that a black outline was a bit too dark so I started the outlining in a red-purple.  I am very happy with it so far. I only worked on it until about noon. It was getting too hot and I didn’t want to spend the day getting a sun burn!

I am hoping to get some more done tomorrow evening. This detail part is actually the most time consuming part. Finicky to say the least but the end product is well worth it.


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