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A Bit of Painting

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Sharing a bit of my daily painting from the last week or so. I am still working on these so I still consider them to be works in progress. Still working on what the direction is for them but not worrying about it too much because it’s about the process not the product.

I did add to this one today but haven’t documented it yet.

This one also had some extra added in. I’ll have to post that later.

I really like this one and can’t see that I am going to make many changes.

This one is actually brighter in real life but I am not sure what is next. Perhaps some bigger, darker  shapes.

I added some whites to this one and played with some smaller black areas.

I love this one. I might have to leave it alone for a bit so that I don’t feel like I am going to be tentative when I start on the next layer.

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Daily Painting!

I’ve been painting everyday recently and have really been enjoying the challenge again. This time, however, I am not focusing on finishing a painting every day but simply that I am painting every day.

I signed up for a class with Nicholas Wilton called “Art2Life:Creative Visionary Path” and am 5 weeks into the program and can honestly say that it is one of the best classes that I have ever taken. There are another 7 weeks in the program and I can’t wait to see what direction my work takes over this time.

These two paintings above are 12 inches square and the next couple of paintings are larger at 24 inches square. These next ones are very much a work in progress and I have only started reworking them recently.

I didn’t realize that I had only taken close up shots of the next two paintings.

However this one was reworked this morning. 
And now looks like this…can you see where my cowgirls still live?

These painting are actually some of my favourites right now and I actually didn’t think that I would enjoy creating value studies to such a degree…did you see what I did there…silly!

This week we introduced 2 colours and continued our value studies. 

I enjoy the new direction in this work and it will be interesting to see how and where the work goes from here!

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Win one of my Paintings!


Contest time ladies and gentlemen!

IMG_0837.PNGI am giving away one of my paintings that I created in my 100 days of painting challenge. Why? Well… because my birthday is coming up and I thought that it would be nice to honour that by giving something away.

So you have to do the following things.

  1. Follow this link here to see all the posts that feature my 100 paintings that I created in 100 days.
  2. Leave a comment on the post that has the painting that you would like to have for your very own.
  3. Go to Facebook and leave a comment on this post letting me know you have entered

That’s it! Of course if you want to share this contest then go for it! The more the merrier!

I will do the draw on my birthday, September 14 and the lucky winner will have the painting they chose mailed to them!

Good luck!


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Painting and Art Quilts

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I finished my 100 days of painting challenge and decided to continue painting for as long as I was being productive. The one hundred painting have all been completed on 6×6 prices of watercolour paper and I am working on how I am going to finish them. At this point I am thinking that I am going to mount them on 6×6 pieces of wood and will have a hidden hanger that I will drill into the back.

Day 99


Day 100

Day 101

For the next part of the series I decided to paint on a different surface. We made 7 inch square wooden panels that have an outside wooden stand edge. They will sit 1.5 inches off the wall.   

Day 102

I actually remembered to photograph it so that you could see the side of the painting.

Day 103

This painting was based off of a chalk pastel drawing that I did earlier in the year.

 Haha! I didn’t crop this one. Alł of my photos are taken at the kitchen sink because it has the best lighting!

Day 104

Day 105

I have also been doing lots of work outside on my house. I haveainted my house yellow and decided on a whim to paint the gate to my backyard turquoise. So then I have shutters that are going to be white and a deck that needs to be white.

I have also been working in the evenings on my art quilts. My fingers were taking a beating until I pulled out some pliers! Full steam ahead!

So this coming week I will be working on some filming, continuing to paint, get some of the paintings up on Etsy for sale, work on house painting and finish this art quilt and start the next ones that I have on mind.

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Connect with your Creativity!

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I am so close to finishing my 100 Days of Painting project and I have learned so much through this process. As I was painting it became more clear to me that I could share some of what I learned with other people that are struggling to be creative.  With that in mind I am developing a 7 day creativity kickstarted that will help you start and maintain momentum in being creative. Honestly it’s not just for painting or drawing. Being creative could be cooking, woodworking, gardening, decorating, writing! Really it comes down to what do you want to do with your hands and heart…what is calling you and what would you like to try to do if you could do anything?

I am working on the videos and PDF’s this week and will hopefully have something organized and ready to launch next week. 

I have also been getting so close to the end of my 100 days challenge…and planning my next one! Silly me but I really am just brimming with ideas and plans.

Day 85 – I really love this one and think that I will be painting from life more often.

Day 86

Day 87

Day 88

Day 89

Day 90  

Day 91

Day 92

Day 93

Day 94

Day 95

Day 96

Day 97

Day 98

And since I didn’t already have enough to do I started a new art quilt series that incorporated my mixed media girls and quilting. This is the first one in a series that I am planning to work on in the evening.


So next week I will be completing my first series of 100 paintings and starting my next series…more details next week. I should also be officially launching the start of my “Connect with You Creativity” email series. And I will have managed several naps during that time!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Daily Painting Extravaganza-corrected

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The app that I was using had duplicated one of the pictures and I did not catch it…sad face…Thanks Jen for pointing it out. It gave me an opportunity to fix the letter too! So I had not miscounted anything and still have 10 days to go but that is a good thing because it gives me time to get myself organized for the next series.

I thought I should start organizing my daily paintings so that I could write about it and thought that I was on Day 90. So very wrong. Somehow I must have messed up on my labelling and as I was creating these graphics realized that today I actually painted my 99th painting!

Well then. Yesterday I spent a significant amount of time making wooden frames that I was going to use to frame all these painting. However they didn’t work out like I thought. Disappointing but I “Plan B’d” it and continued working on the frames with the thought that I could use the frames as a painting surface and rethink my plans for framing the “100”

I have to fix a couple of the graphics. The looked fine when I saved it and they were wonky when I opened the files. Oh well you will see the progression of my painting from 1 to 99.

Soon I will be putting these, ready to hang, on Etsy for sale. I bit of work ahead of me but they should look fabulous.


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Daily Painting

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I’m coming into the home stretch with my daily painting exercise. Today will be day 84…when I do the painting later on this morning and I have already been planning my next Daily Painting Adventure that will be my “200 Series” of paintings.

I’m also excited to be on vacation for the next two months and to be able to have time to focus on the things that I have been wanting to develop for the website, some online classes that I want to develop to teach and to take some of the little mini paintings that I have been making and transform them into a larger scale painting.

I wrote out a “to-do” list last night and it was one full page! Granted it included wish list items of things that I want to learn how to do and to get done around the house but it was still significant.

So here are this weeks paintings.

Day 80

Day 81

Day 82

Day 83

I’ve also been playing with a new app that allows me to make posters, banners, Facebook posts! So..Many…Ideas…I think I am going to use these in conjunction with my online class “Everyday Gifts” and I can use them in the free offer that I am developing for the website. Here are some of the examples I have been playing with. Some of them I can’t use other than in this type of post. I am not willing to pay for a commercial use licence so I am looking at ways that I can use to create my imagery without having to reinvent the wheel.


I’ve made a couple of new banners for my Facebook page also. You can like my page here.


Finally I was just playing with some Instagram imagery.


So onwards on my busy to-do list. Today I am going to be making the frames that I need to start mounting my daily paintings on…and a little pool time if I can manage it, in my little pool! It’s going to be super hot here (for northern BC) and I’m going to enjoy it as much as possible!

Painting and Summer Plans

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Another week closer to finishing my 100 days of painting!  I’ve continued painting every morning and thought of how I want to finish the paintings and display them. So those forms need to be made and then I have to attach all of the paintings…another job for the summer.

School has been winding down and all the tasks that go along with that are keeping me busy to say the least.  I have also been thinking about what I am going to be teaching in my beginners drawing class that will be at the local cultural centre.

I have also signed up to do an online class…and by do, I mean teach! About gratitude and Art. I will be teaching an intuitive style painting that focuses on being grateful for the things that surround you everyday. So far my plans include 4 days of videos, PDF files and visuals so I really have to get started on that.

I have also had some ideas for the website and so I am going to have to sit down and do some work to develop those ideas.

Here are my last 9 days of paintings! As you can see I have been on a bit of a teacup craze. It’s part of my development for my online class. I am thinking of calling it “Everyday Gratitude”

What do you think?

Day 71

  Day 72
 Day 73
 Day 74

  Day 75
 Day 76

  Day 77
 Day 78


Day 79


Art Update

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If you have been following my Daily Painting journey you will have noticed that I did not post anything this week. I have been painting but keeping up with daily posts, working, painting every morning and doing too many other things meant that I had to let something go. So while I have been posting everyday to my Instagram feed (here if you would like to follow me) and on my Facebook page (Here if you would like to see progress pictures of my work) I have worried less about posting daily to my website.

Day 64

“Red Stripe”  6×6

Day 65

“Succulents Three” 6×6

Day 66

“Shadow”  6×6

Day 67

“Shadow 2” 6×6

Day 68

“Shadow 3”  6×6

Day 69

“Blue Bottle”  6×6  I have also been working on a series of charcoal drawings that I will be displaying in an local hotel as part of an annual “Art Walk”. There are 21 artists participating this year and I have spent the last month making art for this! So my art days have been getting up at 5am to do my daily painting then going to work and teaching about making art to high school students and coming home to draw with charcoal for a couple of hours in the evening.

My goal with the charcoal drawings is to offer custom drawings so I am hoping to get some commission work out of showing my charcoal work within the community. If you are interested in having me create a custom piece of artwork please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities!

Here are some casual shots of the charcoal drawings that will be going up for display in the next month.



I have been enjoying the contrast of my day. By starting the day with a very loose and intuitive style of painting and ending the day with a realistic and highly observational style of drawing and am able to practice and explore different facets of my style. I enjoy both ways of creating but still feel that my “Style” is coming through in each different way of creating. For example you will notice looking at each and every single one of the above pieces that texture is very important. Each picture has examples of a physical or visual texture.

So I did not post today’s painting (#70!) because I am going to experiment with filming today and film my painting from start to finish. That will be posted later on this week.

Thanks for looking and have a great Art Day!