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Daily Art and a commission!

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I really enjoy the daily painting exercise. From deciding at the last minute what I am going to paint to prepping the support and working through the process it is turning into a very meditative process. I don’t listen to music or have the tv on. I stand there, most days in my pyjamas and explore lines and shape and colour without overthinking it. In fact I think the days that I “plan” something are the days that I struggle the most. Those are the days when I fight to try and make the paint do what I want rather than collaborating with the paint. My favourite paintings have been more of a collaboration and I’ve been able to get into a good “art mode” and the entire process has been pretty quick and seamless. 

Here are this weeks paintings.

Day 106

Day 107    


Day 109


Day 110 

Day 111 

Day 112 – I decided to change sizes ans worked on a 9×12 canvas.

Day 113 -then for this one I thought “Paint bigger! You’re on vacation, you have time!” So this on is 16×20

   As I have been working on the everyday I have been doing a couple of other things. I was going to start filming for a online course that I was going to help create…and then it was cancelled…then it was back on with a few different woman. So I had time to take on some commission work and then I had a lot back on my plate again. Oh well I’m having fun creating the commission work and I get to figure out how to film and that will be a good thing!

So the commission work is a 22×30 pan pastel drawing. The original picture is a sunset proposal but I am going to “artsy” it up and keep the faces looking realistic. So the original picture is this one 

And I have started this composition on paper to get the sketch right. 

And I started on the sky and mountains.

Loving it so far and thank goodness I have two weeks to work on this because this is about 3 hours of work so far. Next up is the water!

I post updates of my current work on Facebook and Instagram so follow me if you would like to see updates and progress!

Art Update

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If you have been following my Daily Painting journey you will have noticed that I did not post anything this week. I have been painting but keeping up with daily posts, working, painting every morning and doing too many other things meant that I had to let something go. So while I have been posting everyday to my Instagram feed (here if you would like to follow me) and on my Facebook page (Here if you would like to see progress pictures of my work) I have worried less about posting daily to my website.

Day 64

“Red Stripe”  6×6

Day 65

“Succulents Three” 6×6

Day 66

“Shadow”  6×6

Day 67

“Shadow 2” 6×6

Day 68

“Shadow 3”  6×6

Day 69

“Blue Bottle”  6×6  I have also been working on a series of charcoal drawings that I will be displaying in an local hotel as part of an annual “Art Walk”. There are 21 artists participating this year and I have spent the last month making art for this! So my art days have been getting up at 5am to do my daily painting then going to work and teaching about making art to high school students and coming home to draw with charcoal for a couple of hours in the evening.

My goal with the charcoal drawings is to offer custom drawings so I am hoping to get some commission work out of showing my charcoal work within the community. If you are interested in having me create a custom piece of artwork please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities!

Here are some casual shots of the charcoal drawings that will be going up for display in the next month.



I have been enjoying the contrast of my day. By starting the day with a very loose and intuitive style of painting and ending the day with a realistic and highly observational style of drawing and am able to practice and explore different facets of my style. I enjoy both ways of creating but still feel that my “Style” is coming through in each different way of creating. For example you will notice looking at each and every single one of the above pieces that texture is very important. Each picture has examples of a physical or visual texture.

So I did not post today’s painting (#70!) because I am going to experiment with filming today and film my painting from start to finish. That will be posted later on this week.

Thanks for looking and have a great Art Day!


Community Art Walk!

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I have been working very hard over the past month creating charcoal drawings for my participation in the local Art Walk. I am very excited to get these up and displayed for the community to see! The webpage for the Fort St. John Community Arts Council is here and I am sure that they will have more information about the Art Walk in the near future. The sizes range from 8 X 10 (the man and the water landscape) to 11 X 14 (The dog, owl and Venice landscape)


Here is a little snapshot of what I have created. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will have seen progress pictures of each of these pieces of Art. If you wish to follow me on Facebook or Instragram the links to my pages are across the top of the website.

I am also donating one commissioned charcoal drawing to the Bright Lights Celebration (the link is here) I will have one piece of artwork displayed at the gala and people will be able to bid on the creation of a custom piece of artwork that I will create from the picture of their choosing.

Also, as if I wasn’t taking on enough I have decided to teach at the Cultural Centre this summer. It will be a beginner Drawing class for individuals that are absolute beginners and I will teach them as much as I can about using graphite to create their own stunning drawings. There should be a link to the class on the Cultural Centre website soon and I will add a link as soon as it is available!

Finally my summer is going to be full of learning how to create my own teaching video’s and creating my lessons for the new, online group that I have joined called “Seven Fall’s Artist Group” We are going to be running a class on “Gratitude” in the Fall and there are going to be 15 teachers participating and teaching a weeks lesson about gratitude and creating art!

It is a really exhilarating/exhausting/brillant  time right now and I am so glad to have all these opportunities manifest themselves in my life. All the planning, work and goals that I started in January are starting to show up and it is so exciting!

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Drawing Charcoal Faces and Painting

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Recently I have been working with charcoal and practicing my faces and portraiture.  I like the challenge of capturing a likeness of the individual personalities.

Here are a few progress and completed images.



The next one is for a secret Santa gift. I like to make something for whoever I pull for secret Santa at work. One year it was a watercolour painting. This year is charcoal.



I’ve also been updating my Etsy page with a few paintings. Mostly they were completed on paper and mounted onto a canvas.


Budgies are available here


Poppies are available here


And butterflies are avaliable here

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