As we Pause for a Break…

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I needed a bit of a break this week. There was a lot on my plate and I had to let a few things slide to maintain any sort of sanity! 

However I do believe that it is better to take a calculated break in order to prevent burnout. I have been painting consistently, everyday for 5 months and taking on more and more projects. I filmed and edited 8 videos for an online class that I am going to be teaching. Each of those videos usually taking about 6-8 hours to edit and upload. I worked on multipl house projects and started planning what my classes are going to be doing in the fall.

So, break time had to happen. 

I didn’t worry about painting every day this week but I did get something completed in the art realm any way! Actually I learned one of my clues that I need a break. It comes in the form of indecision. Usually I am pretty divisive when painting. I don’t think about the process I just do. However as I started to get overwhelmed in the last couple of weeks I found the paintings were more of a struggle. I find this interesting.



This final painting came together after I took a bit of that creative break. Previously it looked like this. And while not bad it wasn’t coming together.

 So while I took a break from making art I worked on other projects. We made a new kitchen table and I painted the base and stained the top.


   I went and got a tattoo which has healed quite nicely although I am startled by it often!
  So there is my last two weeks in a nutshell. So don’t forget to visit this post here to enter for a chance to win one of my daily paintings. I will be doing the draw in two weeks so if you haven’t commented on the painting you like get on over and do it now!

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