A Brief Hiatus

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I had decided to take a brief break. Since I had painted everyday for 9 months I decided that I had earned a bit of a break from the Internet 😀

While I haven’t been posting regularly I have been working on a few different things that I thought I would share with you.

I took on a commission back in September and spent almost a month creating this painting. Here are some step by step progress shots



Notice that I raised her back a bit so that it is level with her head.

I decided to change the background to put her in a more natural environment. Originally I was going to add extra details like leaves etc. But I felt that it could detract from the detail in the chameleon.

Since I have been back to the daily high school teacher thing it’s been hard to paint everyday and the 5 am thing, while still happening has been tough. I think I just need to redirect my energy a bit and I think I am coming to the end of my time off and am going to jump back in. 
However on the home front I just finished installing a reclaimed wood wall in my kitchen. Please note my fabulous penny counter!

We finished the wall but I still have to seal it so I will post a picture of it finished soon. It used to be two see rate door but we took those out and installed bypass doors. I still have to paint those but that will happen next weekend. I painted the wall brown so that any spots that you could see through didn’t have glaring white peeking through.

So back to daily morning artwork creation. And next week my week of teaching in the “Art of Gratitude” starts. Looking forward to seeing what people create with my lessons!

Have a great week!

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