Month: June 2016

A Bit of Painting

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Sharing a bit of my daily painting from the last week or so. I am still working on these so I still consider them to be works in progress. Still working on what the direction is for them but not worrying about it too much because it’s about the process not the product.

I did add to this one today but haven’t documented it yet.

This one also had some extra added in. I’ll have to post that later.

I really like this one and can’t see that I am going to make many changes.

This one is actually brighter in real life but I am not sure what is next. Perhaps some bigger, darker  shapes.

I added some whites to this one and played with some smaller black areas.

I love this one. I might have to leave it alone for a bit so that I don’t feel like I am going to be tentative when I start on the next layer.

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